I love ZFS, but there is something that has annoyed me for quite sometimes – the zpool doesn’t get automatically mounted on boot. To work around this, I had to login as root and run:

to import tank pool before I login with my normal user account.

Well, I finally found a solution. This is what’s written on zfsonlinux/zfs WIFI about Fedora specifically:

Systemd Update:

When upgrading to the zfs- release it’s recommended that users manually reset the zfs systemd presets. Failure to do so can result in the pool not automatically importing when the system is rebooted.

Okay, here’s how I fix my issue. First, ensure that a pool that I want to automatically mounted is manually mounted first. Then just run that lengthy command shown above:

Now, that makes me a much happier ZFS user!

Ref: zfsonlinux/zfs