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PostgreSQL FATAL: Peer Authentication Failed for User Postgres

Recently, I upgraded a server running Ubuntu 22.04 to 24.04, that also comes with PostgreSQL 16. For some odd reasons, the Postgres server was not managed by Ansible, and changes previously made to Postgres 15 was not recorded. I noticed that the backup database (pg_dump) was not working properly, the backup database size was just a few kilobytes. Let鈥檚 investigate, shall we? root@toto:/etc/cron.daily# ./postgresql-backup pg_dump: error: connection to server on socket "/var/run/postgresql/....

June 21, 2024 路 4 min 路 666 words 路 kenno

Postgres: Getting Permission Denied for Schema Public

I recently upgraded the PostgreSQL server on one my server from version 14 to 16. Why the big jump? This was due to the OS running on this server was upgraded from Ubuntu 22.04 to 24.04. When the database was restored from the database dump, the application that requires that the database detects the new version and tried to perform the database migration. That鈥檚 when it failed and produced the following error message:...

June 21, 2024 路 3 min 路 556 words 路 kenno

How to use auto-update in Podman

I have a Podman container that needs periodically manual update once in a while. I鈥檇 like this container to auto-update, and found that this was possible with podman auto-updates feature. Essentially, I need to set a label for the container - --label io.containers.autoupdate=registry. More details with and very good explanation about this topic is available at a Red Hat Enable Sysadmin article titled 鈥淗ow to use auto-updates and rollbacks in Podman鈥....

June 15, 2024 路 2 min 路 378 words 路 kenno

Delete unused ENIs on AWS with AWS CLI

So I want to clean up Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs) that were created for testing and no longer needed, and I want to use AWS CLI to do that. For me, I know that all unused ENIs will have their status as 鈥渁vailable鈥. So I will find all those ENIs and will delete them. 鉃 aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces --filters Name=status,Values=available \ --query 'NetworkInterfaces[].{NetworkInterfaceId:NetworkInterfaceId,Description:Description}' [ { "NetworkInterfaceId": "eni-0dc616df583312345", "Description": "2nd nic in 2b az" }, { "NetworkInterfaceId": "eni-0bf98b53cf1b12345", "Description": "2nd nic" }, { "NetworkInterfaceId": "eni-034bcff8ceef12345", "Description": "test-eni" }, { "NetworkInterfaceId": "eni-09adbc3a20c912345", "Description": "Test 2nd eni on custom subnet 2a AZ" } ] Next, I need to feed each of the values of 鈥淣etworkInterfaceId鈥 to the delete command aws ec2 delete-network-interface, which takes only 1 NetworkInterfaceId at a time....

June 9, 2024 路 2 min 路 271 words 路 kenno

Installing Xe Guest Utilities on OpenSUSE Leap 15.5

This is a quick note on how to install xe-guest-utilities on OpenSUSE Leap 15.5. Unlike other distros like AlmaLinux where xe-guest-utilities is provided by EPEL repository, on OpenSUSE Leap, this package is available in the guest-tools.iso disk. At least, I was not able to find any similar package on OpenSUSE鈥檚 repositories which provide this Xe guest utilities. Therefore, we first need to attach the guest-tools.iso disk to the VM. On Xen Orchestra web ui, perform the following:...

June 2, 2024 路 2 min 路 382 words 路 kenno