Another month, another Red Hat exam has been ticked off the list. This time, it’s about the Red Hat Virtualization, a technology based on oVirt.

The code name of the exam is EX318, and as rumours has it, it’s one of the easiest Red Hat exams; I can’t agree more. The exam’s duration is 3 hours; it’s a hand-on closed book exams. The exam is based on Red Hat Virtualization version 4.3.

I managed to finish the exam 45 minutes early. The material I used to prepare for this exam is the official online-training RH318, and I spent 4 weeks to prepare for this. The good thing about this course/exam is that it’s based on oVirt so I was able to setup my home lab using a few virtual machines to replicate the lab environment.

With this latest certificate from EX318, my Red Hat Certified Architect certificate has been bumped to Level 3. I still have one more exam credit to take before March 2021. What exam should I take?