FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE just got relesed at the end of last month, and I wanted to upgrade my NAS server running FreeBSD 13.x-RELEASE to 14.0.

Using the installation instruction from [1], I was able to upgrade smoothly without any issues. Here are the steps:

# freebsd-update fetch
# freebsd-update install
# freebsd-update upgrade -r 14.0-RELEASE
# freebsd-update install


# reboot

After rebooting, freebsd-update(8)[2] needs to be run again to install the new userland components:

# freebsd-update install

Reboot one more time:

# shutdown -r now

After rebooting, I could see that my nas was running FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE.

However, when I tried to run pkg update, there were an error:

# pkg update
...snip... Shared object “” not found, required by “pkg”

To fix the above error, in my case, all I needed to do was to reinstall the pkg package as the following (thanks to the FreeBSD discussion at [3]):

# pkg-static install -f pkg

I still have another FreeBSD server to upgrade from 13.2 to 14.0, this post would come in handy for sure.