A while back, I let my brother using my laptop while he was waiting for his to arried from online order. My laptop has dual boot: Windows Vista Home Premium and Debian. Of course, my bro would only use Vista. He created a folder with his name on the desktop for whatever purpose it was. Let’s called it: Evil.

When the laptop was returned to me, I wanted to get rid that Evil. No matter how many times I tried delete it, it kept coming back. I turned to Google for solution hoping someone on the Interweb experienced the same thing, but it wasn’t helpful either.

Similar to other problems/solutions I’ve been posting here, it always surprises me that lots of things could be fixed unexpectedly. Tonight, I just logged on to Windows Vista on my laptop after months without touching it just for the sake of security updating. Then I saw the Evil windows appearing on desktop again. It is clear that some programs must have created that directory automatically. But how do we know which programs which do that? After a few google searches, it was suggested that either Microsoft Windows Media Player or Bluetooth File Exchanger would use that Evil on the desktop location. Guess what? That was absolutely right, it was the Bluetooth File Exchanger which’s been creating this Evil directory.

Well, it’s not fixed. There’s no more Evil on my desktop.

Credit: Textexams.net