Enable sudo insults

Look for line begins with Defaults, and append insults to the end. Save it, and clear the sudo session (sudo -K), and try sudo with a wrong password. 馃檪 Source: Enable sudo insults for some laughs

April 15, 2010 路 1 min 路 36 words 路 kenno

HOWTO add user to sudoers list in Debian/Ubuntu

You need to have root access to do that. So the first step to become root with the following command: ken@debian:~$ su<br /> Password:<br /> debian:/home/ken# visudo<br /> Now you can add a username to the list. For example: <br /> ken ALL=(ALL) ALL<br /> Save the file to complete the process. Credit: Ubuntu Forum

January 27, 2009 路 1 min 路 55 words 路 kenno