Installing Xcode Command Line Tools

I need to use git on command line on macOS 11 (Big Sur), and git comes with command line developer tools. Here is how it can be done on macOS: ❯ xcode-select --install xcode-select: note: install requested for command line developer tools On a side note, I notice that every time there is an update to Big Sur, I also have to re-install this Xcode Command Line Tools. Ref: kamermanpr/

February 25, 2021 · 1 min · 70 words · kenno

Create a FreeBSD install disk with dd on OS X

I need to create a bootable FreeBSD install disk and the downloaded file happened to be on a Mac laptop. Since OS X is based on BSD, it also comes with dd utility. After a USB is inserted, I need to identify the disk. This can be done using diskutil command: $ sudo diskutil list /dev/disk0 (internal): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme 251.0 GB disk0 1: EFI EFI 314....

February 9, 2018 · 1 min · 199 words · kenno