FreeIPA - Adding New User

I have a FreeIPA server with the following information: FreeIPA server: FreeIPA realm: LAB.EXAMPLE.COM FreeIPA domain: I want to add 2 normal users: User Login: rhvadmin, First Name: RHV, Last Name: Admin, Password: CentOS123^ User Login: normaluser, First Name: Normal, Last Name: User, Password: CentOS123^ [root@utility ~]# ipa user-add rhvadmin --first RHV --last Admin --password Password: CentOS123^ Enter Password again to verify: CentOS123^ --------------------- Added user "rhvadmin" --------------------- User login: rhvadmin First name: RHV Last name: Admin Full name: RHV Admin Display name: RHV Admin Initials: RA Home directory: /home/rhvadmin GECOS: RHV Admin Login shell: /bin/sh Principal name: rhvadmin@LAB....

December 4, 2020 · 2 min · 241 words · kenno

Can’t locate Net/

On Debian: # apt-get install libnet-ldap-perl

October 25, 2010 · 1 min · 6 words · kenno