This post is a note to remind myself how to manually flash Android firmware on a Nexus device.

Step 1, download the firmware to your computer. I downloaded Android 5 from:

Step 2, connect Nexus 7 to the computer. Mine runs Ubuntu 14.10, and I already downloaded Android SDK.

Make sure that “Developer Options” is enabled. If it’s not, go to Settings -> About tablet. Then click on “Build Number” 7 times.

~/apps/android-sdk/platform-tools $ sudo ./adb devices

List of devices attached

0XXd41d425XXXe14 device

Note: If you don’t run ‘adb devices’ with sudo, you’ll see the following message:

If that happens, kill adb service and start adb with sudo:

Step 3, While the Nexus 7 is still connected, run:

Step 4,

To be continue…

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