After taking a very long break (over a decade) from running openSUSE on my person machine, I finally got Tumbleweed installed on a spare Intel NUC machine. If you’re one of my blog readers, expect to see more contents about SUSE/openSUSE later.

Today, I’m going to share how I fix the issue with bluetooth keyboard/mouse not connected to this NUC at the login screen. I can’t remember I needed to do that my main machine running Fedora, but oh well, the fix is simple enough (if you know now).

In my case, my bluetooth keyboard and mouse only work after I login to the desktop by using another “wired” keyboard. To enable bluetooth on this NUC to connect to the keyboard and mouse automatically on the login screen I only need to install a package called ‘bluez-auto-enable-devices’.

$ sudo zypper in bluez-auto-enable-devices

The above package provides a file /etc/bluetooth/main.conf with this option:

$ grep -i ^autoenable /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

Update (2022-04-10): On Fedora, the same file /etc/bluetooth/main.conf is provided by bluez-5.64-1.fc36.x86_64 package, and it was already installed on my machine. This explains why bluetooth keyboard and mouse are always connected on boot.

➜ rpm -q bluez

➜ rpm -qf /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

➜ grep -i ^autoenable /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

Here are some references that suggested additional steps, though it wasn’t needed for me: