Having trouble uploading compiled code to K20D50M board? There’s a new firmware that (should) fix this.

A few weeks ago, I’ve updated the OpenSDA firmware on my Freescale FRDM-K20D50M to v114 only to find out that it no longer let me uploading any compiled files to the board.

At first I thought my board was faulty, but felt relieved to hear that Erich Styger, an mbed expert, confirming this v114 firwmare also affected his K20D50M. Erich contacted P&E, and they in turn confirmed the problem.

Today, I went to check P&E site, and saw a new OpenSDA firmware updated on May 22nd available. In the downloaded zip file, there’s a new file called:


Here is the release note:

This v115 firmware did in fact fix the issue I previously had. This what SDA_INFO.HTML shows after updating the firmware: