I recently had a need to run Proxmox Virtual Environment (7.2-4) at home for a project. So far everything seemed to be straight forward, partially thanks to KVM technology used in Promox.

However, I also learned a few things along the way too. The first thing that I had look up on the Internet to get it working is to activate (Promox) qemu-guest-agent.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you didn’t get it working on first trial either.

To get it working, on RHEL based VMs (likely also apply to Debian-based too, but I didn’t test it), do the following:

  1. Install a package named qemu-guest-agent. (dnf install qemu-guest-agent)
  2. Power down the VM. (You should know how to do this right?)
  3. On Promox VE, go to the VM, click on Options -> QEMU Guest Agent, then change it to Enabled.
  4. Start the VM, and enable and start the qemu-guest-agent.service. (systemctl enable --now qemu-guest-agent)

That’s it. It’s easy you know how to do it. I will link the resource which helped me with this at the botoom [1].