Having fixed a problem with Visual Studio (VS) 2005 the other day, there is still another problem. The project does not recompiled/rebuilt automatically after the souce codes of some files have been changed. Usually, if we make changes to the souce code, those files will be recompiled if we press Ctrl+F5 or F5.

At first I thought this could be the new behavior/feature in VS 2005. But after discussing with a buddy of mine who’s currently using VS 2005 for his assignment, he told me that VS 2005 should rebuild the code automatically.

This has been very annoying as the fact that I have to “rebuild” the project manually (from the menu: Build -> Rebuild project). However, last night Zone Alarm (ZA), the software firewall running on my PC, notified me that there was a new update from version 6.5.714.000 to 6.5.722.000. Well, guess what? As soon as ZA was updated, all the problems were gone.

I thought I should write this post. Should there be someone who may face the same problems as me, this could be solved very easily.