This upgrade applies to the self-hosted engine of oVirt Manager.

We need to first put the oVirt environment to the global maintenance mode.

[root@trex ~]# hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=global

To check the availability of oVirt Manager, run engine-upgrade-check command on the oVirt Manager machine.

[root@ovirtm ~]# engine-upgrade-check
VERB: Queue package ovirt-engine-setup for update
VERB: Building transaction
VERB: Transaction built
VERB: Transaction Summary:
VERB:     install   : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-cinderlib-
VERB:     install   : ovirt-engine-setup-base-
VERB:     install   : ovirt-engine-setup-
VERB:     install   : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-websocket-proxy-
VERB:     install   : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-vmconsole-proxy-helper-
VERB:     install   : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-ovirt-engine-common-
VERB:     install   : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-ovirt-engine-
VERB:     install   : python3-ovirt-engine-lib-
VERB:     install   : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-imageio-
VERB:     remove    : python3-ovirt-engine-lib-
VERB:     remove    : ovirt-engine-setup-
VERB:     remove    : ovirt-engine-setup-base-
VERB:     remove    : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-cinderlib-
VERB:     remove    : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-imageio-
VERB:     remove    : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-ovirt-engine-
VERB:     remove    : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-ovirt-engine-common-
VERB:     remove    : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-vmconsole-proxy-helper-
VERB:     remove    : ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-websocket-proxy-
VERB: Closing transaction with commit
Upgrade available.

To update the setup packages, issue the dnf update ovirt*setup* command.

[root@ovirtm ~]# dnf update ovirt\*setup\*
Last metadata expiration check: 0:46:33 ago on Sat 26 Dec 2020 08:07:30 PM AEDT.
Dependencies resolved.
Upgrade  11 Packages

Total download size: 786 k
Is this ok [y/N]: y

Then execute the engine-setup command (without any argument).

[root@ovirtm ~]# engine-setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Initializing
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
          Configuration files: /etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/10-packaging-jboss.conf, /etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/10-packaging.conf, /etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/20-setup-ovirt-post.conf
          Log file: /var/log/ovirt-engine/setup/ovirt-engine-setup-20201226205515-rs4bzg.log
          Version: otopi-1.9.2 (otopi-1.9.2-1.el8)
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment packages setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Programs detection
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup (late)
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment customization
          --== PRODUCT OPTIONS ==--
[ INFO  ] ovirt-provider-ovn already installed, skipping.
          --== PACKAGES ==--
          [install] 0:vdsm-jsonrpc-java-1.6.0-1.el8.noarch will be installed
          Replying "No" will abort Setup. You can pass the option "--offline" to prevent installing or updating packages.
          Do you wish to update them now? (Yes, No) [Yes]: 
[ INFO  ] Checking for an update for Setup...
          --== NETWORK CONFIGURATION ==--
          Setup can automatically configure the firewall on this system.
          Note: automatic configuration of the firewall may overwrite current settings.
          Do you want Setup to configure the firewall? (Yes, No) [Yes]: 
[ INFO  ] firewalld will be configured as firewall manager.
          --== DATABASE CONFIGURATION ==--
          The detected DWH database size is 66.61021327972412 MB.
          Setup can backup the existing database. The time and space required for the database backup depend on its size. This process takes time, and in some cases (for instance, when the size is few GBs) may take several hours to complete.
          If you choose to not back up the database, and Setup later fails for some reason, it will not be able to restore the database and all DWH data will be lost.
          Would you like to backup the existing database before upgrading it? (Yes, No) [Yes]: 
          Perform full vacuum on the oVirt engine history
          database ovirt_engine_history@localhost?
          This operation may take a while depending on this setup health and the
          configuration of the db vacuum process.
          (Yes, No) [No]: 

          Perform full vacuum on the engine database engine@localhost?
          This operation may take a while depending on this setup health and the
          configuration of the db vacuum process.
          (Yes, No) [No]: 
          --== STORAGE CONFIGURATION ==--
          --== PKI CONFIGURATION ==--
          --== APACHE CONFIGURATION ==--
          --== SYSTEM CONFIGURATION ==--
          --== MISC CONFIGURATION ==--
          --== END OF CONFIGURATION ==--
[ INFO  ] Stage: Setup validation
          During execution engine service will be stopped (OK, Cancel) [OK]: 
[ INFO  ] Hosted Engine HA is in Global Maintenance mode.
[WARNING] Less than 16384MB of memory is available
[ INFO  ] Cleaning stale zombie tasks and commands
          --== CONFIGURATION PREVIEW ==--
          Default SAN wipe after delete           : False
          Host FQDN                               :
          Firewall manager                        : firewalld
          Update Firewall                         : True
          Upgrade packages                        : True
          Set up Cinderlib integration            : False
          Engine database host                    : localhost
          Engine database port                    : 5432
          Engine database secured connection      : False
          Engine database host name validation    : False
          Engine database name                    : engine
          Engine database user name               : engine
          Engine installation                     : True
          PKI organization                        :
          Set up ovirt-provider-ovn               : True
          Grafana integration                     : False
          Configure WebSocket Proxy               : True
          DWH installation                        : True
          DWH database host                       : localhost
          DWH database port                       : 5432
          DWH database secured connection         : False
          DWH database host name validation       : False
          DWH database name                       : ovirt_engine_history
          DWH database user name                  : ovirt_engine_history
          Backup DWH database                     : True
          Configure VMConsole Proxy               : True
          Please confirm installation settings (OK, Cancel) [OK]:           
[ INFO  ] Cleaning async tasks and compensations
[ INFO  ] Unlocking existing entities
[ INFO  ] Checking the Engine database consistency
[ INFO  ] Stage: Transaction setup
[ INFO  ] Stopping engine service
          --== SUMMARY ==--
[ INFO  ] Restarting httpd
          Web access is enabled at:
          Internal CA 5A:E1:99:FE:8C:12:D6:DD:8F:C6:FB:D6:78:6B:BC:D1:91:D7:26:5D
          SSH fingerprint: SHA256:kv05W9UprDPo9tVO8yy8e0SPfAZBdl3KqXiEX+5mY+g
[WARNING] Less than 16384MB of memory is available
          --== END OF SUMMARY ==--
[ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up
          Log file is located at /var/log/ovirt-engine/setup/ovirt-engine-setup-20201226205515-rs4bzg.log
[ INFO  ] Generating answer file '/var/lib/ovirt-engine/setup/answers/20201226210211-setup.conf'
[ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO  ] Stage: Termination
[ INFO  ] Execution of setup completed successfully

Finally, place the oVirt environment back into normal mode by using the hosted-engine command to set the maintenance mode back to **none.

[root@trex ~]# hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=none

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