With fresh installation of Fedora 28 I wasn’t able to play any downloaded Japanese animations with the default movie player – Dragon player. My other machine which also runs Fedora 28 could play the movie fine. Without any doubts I must have installed some additional codecs on that machine. But which codecs? Like last time, Google I must search.

I’m going to write this post so I wouldn’t have to repeatedly search for the same solution.

According to this Unable To Play Videos post, I need to install gst-libav. That package is for Slackware specifically. Though there is no package with the exact name on Fedora, it gives me some clues to search on my working machine.

It turns out that I need to install gstreamer1-libav. This package is not available for official Fedora repository. Fortunately, there are 2 places where we can get them: rpmfusions and <a href="https://unitedrpms.github.io/">UnitedRPMs</a>.

For this new machine, I’ll get it from the unitedrpms (for no particular reason).

Firstly, import the UnitedRPMs repo key:

Secondly, install UnitedRPMS repo:

And finally just install the gstreamer1-libav package as usual: