The exam was 4 hour long. I managed to finish all questions in 3 hours. Fortunately, I found a mistake in the last hour.

I think the EX415 exam wasn’t too difficult and pretty confident that I did well.

The most difficult part: not knowing what I did wrong. Or how the marker scripts would like to see our answers.

I suspected there was a mistake in a question, but who to ask since there is a NDA? If you’re reading this, I can’t even ask or share this suspicion with you. (Again, because of the NDA.)

The result was shocking, but I passed. Though not at the score I was hoping for.


  • Check the exam objectives
  • Be familiar with with the man page
  • To be able to remember how to find the command provides with packages
  • Practice and practice, after all this is a performance-based exam

In over all, I really enjoy taking this course RH415 - Linux Security, as much as I enjoyed taking the exam.

Now, I’m one step away of becoming a Red Hat Certified Architect. Could I make it?