Unlike FujiFilm, Sony doesn’t often release updated firmware for its cameras. For that reason, I’m almost never bothered to check if there is new one available for my Sony Alpha 6500 (a6500).

However, out of the blue, I decided to just have a quick look up and found out that Sony has release v1.05 firmware for the A6500 since February last year. The firmware on my camera was v1.04.

The most notable updates for the v1.05 firmware includes:

  • Adds support for the SEL18135 lens
  • Improves the overall camera stability

Sony supports the firmware update on Windows and Mac. Here is the link to get download it:


Keep in mind that I only tested the above firmware with my camera which was purchased in Australia. You may need to find the firmware from Sony website of your country if the camera was purchased in other parts of the world.