LBreakout2 is another multi-platform game written by the same programmer as LBreakout. The new features of the games include more than 50 levels, level editor and networking, which enables user to play on-line by connecting to LBreakout2 server. I haven’t tried that yet though. You can find more info at the LBreakout2 homepage.

Let’s check out the screen-shot:

LBreakout2 Screenshot

A tip to compile this game for Mac OS X is to configure the source with the nls disable. I’m not very sure what nls is either if you ask me what it is. Anyway, if you wanna compile it for your Mac OS X, you need to get/do the following:

  1. SDL, SDL Mixer, SDL Net, and PNG installed first
  2. Get the source code of the game: lbreakout2-2.6beta-5.tar.gz
  3. Untar it, $ tar -xzvf lbreakout2-2.6beta-5.tar.gz
  4. Configure the source: $ ./configure --disable-nls
  5. $ make (like usual, it’ll take awhile)
  6. $ sudo make install
  7. To run the game, type $ lbreakout2

For Mac OS X users, there is already a pre-compiled game, nicely packed for you for LBreakout2. If compiling game is not your cup of tea, get the dmg file here: breakout2-2.5beta-3.dmg