This is a quick note on how I got the Xen Orchestra Appliance (XOA) on a new XCP-ng server. I know there are many guides out there, and in fact this is not my original content, but I want to capture what I did to get it working.

Here are the steps I performed on my server in order to install XOA:

[14:16 xcpng ~]# bash -c "$(curl -sS"

Welcome to the XOA auto-deploy script!

Network settings:
IP address? [dhcp]

Your XOA will be started using DHCP

xoa SSH account:
Password? (disabled if empty)

xoa account is disabled, to enable it later see

Importing XOA VM...
Booting XOA VM...
Waiting for your XOA to be ready…

Your XOA is ready at

Default UI credentials:

VM UUID: 19e56589-ed0d-5a24-c845-75b40b344f3b

[14:24 xcpng ~]#

Next, login to the XOA at using the default credential to connect the XCP-ng server this:

  • Home -> Add server
  • Provide required information:
    • Label: anything-you-like
    • Host: ip-of-the-xcp-ng-server
    • Username: root
    • Password: root’s password
    • Toggle the “Unauthorized Certificates”

Then click on Connect button.

Note: I didn’t bother changing the settings for this admin user as I will blow away this XOA once I install the XOA from source later.