Dell just released a new BIOS firmware of the Latitude 7400 series. This firmware was released on 23 Nov 2020.


  • Modified the default settings of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.
  • Firmware updates to address the Intel Technical Advisory INTEL-TA-00391 (CVE-2020-8753, CVE-2020-8745, CVE-2020-8705, CVE-2020-8757, CVE-2020-8756, CVE-2020-8760, CVE-2020-8751, CVE-2020-8754, CVE-2020-8747, CVE-2020-8746, CVE-2020-8749 CVE-2020-8752, CVE-2020-12303, CVE-2020-12355, and CVE-2020-12356).
  • Firmware updates to address the Intel Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00358 (CVE-2020-0587, CVE-2020-0591, CVE-2020-0592, and CVE-2020-0593).
  • Firmware updates to address the Intel Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00381 (CVE-2020-8696 and CVE-2020-8698).
  • Firmware updates to address the Intel Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00389 (CVE-2020-8694 and CVE-2020-8695).
  • Firmware update to address CVE-2020-26189.


  • Updated the Intel Management Engine firmware.
  • Updated the Intel UEFI firmware.
  • Updated the Intel Micro Controller Unit firmware.
  • Updated the Power Delivery firmware.
  • Enhanced the feature where you can change the Thermal Management setting without installing the Dell Power Manager.

This firmware is already available via Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS). So one can easily install it using fwupdmgr. I did this in Fedora 33, and one thing I noticed about this update is that the computer wasn’t requested to reboot after the firmware update process is completed. So make sure to manually reboot the machine yourself to have this new firmware installed on reboot.