About Me

    "name": "S. San",
    "location": {
      "latitude": "-33° 51' 21.53' S",
      "longitude": "151° 12' 24.00' E"
    "mail": "debian@live.com.au"

I love open source projects and enjoy reading blog posts by other brilliant people on the internet. Here, I’m sharing some useful tips, things I’ve learned from others, and some random thoughts. Needless to say, my favorite operating system is Linux, though I also like FreeBSD.

As this blog is intended to be my note, pleae keep in mind that most of the blog posts are unstructured and might contain errors. You’re more than welcome to drop me an email should you find any error or mistakes in a post. The email is in the json string above, but if you’re a jq user, try this:

  1. Save the json text into a file, e.g. about_me.json.

  2. Run jq command to display the email:

$ jq  -r '(.name) + " <" + (.mail) + ">"' about_me.json

Note: It took me about 10 minutes to write the jq command above because I didn’t know how to manipulate the output string with jq command. But, hey life is about learning, and next time I need do similar thing, it’d be 10 seconds or less!