Fixing “Starting version 219” bug in Kubuntu 15.04 Beta

After restarting my laptop which run Kubuntu 15.04 beta, it got stuck at a black screen with a message: Starting version 219. I tried to reboot it a few times, and it always displayed the same message. Fortunately, I found a solution from this page which fixed the problem.

Here’s a recap on how to do it.

1. When you see the above message, hit Ctrl + Alt + F2
2. Run sudo systemctl enable sddm.service -f
3. Reboot it

So the issue seems to lie with sddm, a login display manager, not wanting to start up.

2 thoughts on “Fixing “Starting version 219” bug in Kubuntu 15.04 Beta

  1. Ole Riis

    I have the same problem with Kubuntu 15.04 as a dual boot on a Windows 8.1. PC. Now neither the Kubuntu nor the W8 will start. And the mentioned fix doesnt work for me. Hoepfully someone can help. Thanks Ole

    1. kenno Post author

      Could you at least switch to a different virtual terminal by typing CTRL+ALT+F2?

      If you don’t see Windows 8.1 when your pc boots up, it could be that grub doesn’t detect it; there will be a different fix for that.



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