How to fix PuppetDB SSL error

If you don’t know what PuppetDB is, this post probably will not be any useful to you. But if you wanna find out or learn about it, here is the link:

For PuppetDB to work, we need to generate SSL certificates from a Puppet master’s SSL certificate. In my case, I need to re-configure this PuppetDB to a new Puppet mater which sits on the same server. Here’s how it was done:

1) Stop PuppetDB

# service puppetdb stop

2) Generate SSL certificates:

# puppetdb ssl-setup

3) Restart PuppetDB service:

# service puppetdb restart

As mentioned, the PuppetDB and Puppet master happen to be on the same server. If your Puppet master is on a different server, you’ll need to manually copy the SSL certificate of that mater to generate ones for PuppetDB. You can check this well-documented how to at: Manually Generating and Preparing Certificates.

3 thoughts on “How to fix PuppetDB SSL error

    1. kenno Post author

      Thanks. This command /usr/sbin/puppetdb-ssl-setup has been deprecated in PuppetDB 2.3.8.
      I have updated the post use newer command.


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